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With a new 1000w rear hub motor and a large 52v 18Ah battery, the Zero 10 has reserves of power and range that eclipse most e-scooters.


Max speed: 30 mph (48 km/h)Max range: 37 mile (60 km)Weight: 24kg


  • 1000w Motor
  • 52v 18Ah Battery


Summary: A larger, more powerful e-scooter able to cover longer distances in comfort

hould you need to traverse longer distances, the Zero 10 offers a fast, stable platform designed for heavier duty use. It is deliberately larger and heavier than its Zero 9 sibling, sacrificing portability for mile eating ability.

Using the Zero controller, you can switch between 15 mph, 25 mph and maximum to simply adjust your cruise speed on the move. The 10” pneumatic tires combined with front and rear suspension will soak-up most surface imperfections.

Additional LED lighting strips on the steering column and deck ensure you will be clearly visible. Disc brakes all around are fitted to cope with the extra power.

Simple, rugged design along with proven quality components are trademarks of Zero. Very few e-scooters can compete with the Zero 10 ground covering ability at any price point.


Max speed: 30 mph (48 km/h)
Max range: 37 mile (60 km)
Weight: 24kg
Size: folded: 115cm L x 23cm W x 45cm H
Wheels: 10” pneumatic tires
Suspension: rear air shocks / front spring
Brakes: front/rear disc brakes
Motor: 52v 1000w
Battery: 18Ah
Lights: Front and rear LED plus LED strips on stem, along and under the deck

Warranty: 12 months

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